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Poetic Living at Forest City: Experience a Five-Star Lifestyle Near Singapore

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As the first rays of sunlight weave through the lush green facades and gently lift the curtains, residents of Forest City  awaken to a picturesque scene that has become a daily delight for all who dwell here. With bleary eyes opening to such beauty, it’s hard not to be captiv

ated by the serene mornings at Forest City.

Forest City , an integrated international community perfectly melding residential and industrial spaces, lies at the prime junction between Malaysia and Singapore, just about 2 kilometers from the bustling city-state. A mere 15-minute drive from the Second Link expressway connects residents directly to the heart of Singapore in about 30 minutes. Additionally, Forest City is served by three major shuttle bus routes that connect the island to prominent shopping districts, golf resorts, and the Johor-Singapore Second Link. In partnership with Causeway Link, one of these bus services offers direct connectivity to Singapore, facilitating easy travel for residents. Forest City shines like a dazzling jewel, its vibrant community home to over ten thousand residents. Here, the verdant surroundings and melodious birdsong make every step feel like walking through a living canvas of poetic beauty.

As dawn breaks, from the comfort of your own balcony, you can engage in morning exercises while watching the sunrise, with a breathtaking seascape stretching before you. On a clear morning, step outside to enjoy swinging at two international standard golf courses, the Legacy Course and the Classic Course, offering residents a delightful golfing experience. Or perhaps take a leisurely walk along the island's green trail, where the beauty of the Harbor Park and the 4KM Coastal Facilities unfold in a spectacular panorama. Gentle sea breezes, carrying the salty freshness of the ocean and the crisp scent of greenery, create an invigorating atmosphere. You might also stroll, jog, or cycle along the beach. Forest City 's existing network of cycling paths seamlessly connects the scenic spots throughout the city, offering not only the joy of cycling but also promoting a low-carbon, sustainable lifestyle.

In the afternoon, the community’s rooftop gardens become speckled with sunlight, creating a patchwork of shadows and greenery—a perfect spot for a quiet afternoon with tea and a good book. For the more adventurous, chartering a boat for fishing directly from Forest City ’s shores offers an exciting escape, with the company of friends against a backdrop of ocean and sky.

As dusk settles, a stroll through the community’s walkways reveals the tranquility and charm unique to Forest City . With comprehensive retail, entertainment, and dining options, residents effortlessly indulge in a high-quality lifestyle. Forest City also boasts robust security systems, recognized by local authorities as a “Best Security City.” Forest City focuses on advancing high-tech industries, digital hubs, and a smart, green city, aligning with Malaysia’s economic strategies.

Looking ahead, Forest City  is poised to model a harmonious blend of urban and natural ecologies, aiming to be a beacon of sustainable urban development. Life here is not about rushing but about savoring each moment. Residing in Forest City means embracing a secure, comfortable lifestyle with all the amenities of a five-star hotel, right in one of the safest and most comfortable international communities. Let’s embrace the work-life balance and truly live in the beauty of Forest City.